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The world we want tomorrow is one where no pets are homeless

At Mars Petcare, we have an ambition to End Pet Homelessness. It’s at the heart of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. We want to make a better world for all pets, not just the ones we serve.

Yet dogs and cats continue to live on the street without the sustained care and nutrition they need to thrive, or in shelters without a home of their own.

To understand the scale of the problem and the reasons for pet homelessness by country, we partnered with a team of leading animal welfare experts and organizations to develop the State of Pet Homelessness Index.

State of Pet Homelessness Index

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224 million

Estimated number of shelter, street or stray dogs and cats in the 9 countries indexed so far

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20 million

Estimated cats & dogs in shelters

Icon Cat

113 million

Estimated street or stray cats

Icon Dog

91 million

Estimated street or stray dogs

Using data from more than 200 global and local sources boosted by quantitative research on widespread attitudes, the Index measures the scale of pet homelessness and identifies the top factors in each country influencing why cats and dogs become, or remain, homeless.

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The Index covers 9 countries at this point

Meeting the Challenge

Discover a range of programs working to End Pet Homelessness around the world and learn how you can make a difference.

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Driven by our Purpose

Here are some of the ways our Mars Petcare Associates are helping to End Pet Homelessness: